Sewerage systems

Sewerage systems

Sewerage systems

Wastewater generated in populated areas must be collected and extracted to treatment plants where it is properly cleaned according  to regulation. One of the fields in which our activities are carried out is planning and construction of sewerage systems.

We offer our clients technical solutions and advise them from the initial idea to the management of the system. We also prepare design solutions for rehabilitation and expansion of existing systems through the usage of models and various detailed methods.

In our company we work with:

  • sewerage systems for rain water,
  • sewerage systems for municipal water,
  • extraction and cleaning of industrial wastewater,
  • mixed and segregated sewerage systems and,
  • any associated structures in sewerage systems.

Regarding draining technologies we design and implement:

  • gravity sewerage,
  • gravity sewerage in combination with pumping stations and pressurised waters,
  • vacuum (negative pressure) sewerage with corresponding vacuum coupling shafts and vacuum stations.

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