• From ideas to results

    From ideas to results

    A company of modern solutions and comprehensive strategies

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  • Technological perfection

    Technological perfection

    State of the art technology and know-how

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  • For a clean environment

    For a clean environment

    Wastewater treatment and other ecological solutions

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  • Quality and perfection

    Quality and perfection

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From project design to construction and operation

Our services include conceptualizations, technological and technical solutions, project documentation, documentation of all types of tenders, construction and installation of facilities and equipment.

Development and implementation of new environmental technologies

Interdisciplinarity, experience and high level of education of our professional staff enables us to assess the suitability and transfer every new technologies into the environment, solving environmental issues.

Sustainability and a better future

We have been striving towards improving the natural assets of the environment since the foundation of our company, and our projects lead to sustainable solutions of the environmental question. Our experience pave the way of progress and the foundations of a better society as a whole.

Tradition and guaranteed quality in consultancy

Tradition and guaranteed quality in consultancy

Our services are based on experience, knowledge and professional competence in the field of environmental protection, and a wide understanding of the impact on the environment. We are a Slovenian company with a long tradition in the field of general hydrotechnics, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, and refuse solutions.

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