Wasterwater treatment plant Gusev, Russia

Wasterwater treatment plant Gusev, Russia

Wastewater treatment plant

CLIENT: Gusev Kalaninigradska authoriti, Russia
YEAR: 11 / 2006-12 / 2012

Construction of the treatment plant in accordance with the contract for project design and construction, trial operation and handing over the facility’s contractor.
Cleaning treatment plant 25000 PE

Technological assembly line of water:

rough rakes and input pumping with pressure pipeline of the length of 1.5km, fine mechanical cleaning with roto sieve, circular sand trap and grease trap, distribution shaft, 2 biological pools with nitrification / denitrification and aeration, outflow facility with a measuring location.

Technological assemblies of the sludge line:
station for slurry cesspool reception, pumping excess sludge and leaseback sludge, excess sludge thickener, fields for sludge mineralization.

Other sections:
potable water preparation, internal pumping, compressor station, two transformer stations, laboratory, office building, atomic shelter, access road.


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