Wasterwater treatment plant Šaleška Valley

Wasterwater treatment plant Šaleška Valley

Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

CLIENT: Municipality of Velenje, Titov trg 1, SI-3320 Velenje, Slovenia
YEAR: 11/2004 - 10/2008

The project involved design and construction (FIDIC Yellow Book) of wastewater treatment plants in Šaleška valley for municipal and industrial wastewater in municipalities Velenje and Šoštanj, all with a total capacity of 50,000 PE and is based on a bio-filtration process.

The project included project design and construction (FIDIC Yellow book) of the following facilities and installations: two fine rakes with waste compactors, input pumping, ventilated sand trap and greaser, primary sedimentation tanks, biofiltration pools (biological treatment: nitrification, denitrification), gravitational sludge thickener, mechanical densification of the primary sludge, sludge dehydration, septic reception, anaerobic digesters, biogas utilization (gas engine, gas torch).


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